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【Company Activities】【Company Activities】The collective birthday party of Feda employees ended succe

The collective birthday party of Feida employees ended successfully in April 2015

This ordinary afternoon, we witnessed the growing ceremony of a group of people together. This is not only our blessings to them, but also expresses their passion for life and gratitude to relatives and friends. One year old means that there are many other memories of this road of life. With the rise of new dreams, we will work together to achieve in the near future!

On April 17th, it was a sunny, spring-blooded Friday. Feida Cozy Home held a delicate and memorable collective birthday party for employees who have a recent birthday!

Birthday party·Greeting card gift

At the birthday party, everyone gathered together. HR specially prepared a signature greeting card for everyone, which was issued by Huang Dong and took a group photo; there were also a variety of gifts on the table, and the birthday stars showed a smile face full of expectations, which is enviable.


Birthday party·Group game

In addition, a group game of "radish squat", everyone is actively involved, the audience enthusiastically cheered the participants to perform hard. Their funny mistakes made the audience laugh, and they all agreed that this was a funny show rather than a game.

Birthday party·Share cake

Finally, everyone sang the birthday song and Huang Dong split the cake! The birthday stars ate their cakes with gifts and greeting cards, and happily spent their birthdays.

This simple and warm birthday party carries the group's president and all employees' deep blessings to Shou Xing. One is to wish them a happy and healthy life, and the other is to look forward to the future of everyone to complete our Feida dream!