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【Company Activities】[Company Activities] Get close to nature and make a green journey-June 2016 Feda


2016-6-4 Sunny


In 2016, half of it passed in a blink of an eye. In the big city of Shenzhen, all our friends who work and live here feel that time is passing by very quickly. On a hot summer day, Feida's companions did not want to miss this good time. So we started a two-day one-night trip to Huizhou Paradise Mountain.

Paradise Mountain Scenic Area is located in the north of Xiangtou Mountain, a national nature reserve, adjacent to Luofu Mountain. With natural waterfalls, tunnel rafting, walking path, landscape plum forest, ecological bamboo sea, more than 1,000 rare animals and plants and more than 10,000 acres of virgin forest, the tourism quality is excellent and the products are rich. Bamboo sea, plum blossoms can be enjoyed in winter."

Everyone set off early in the morning with anticipation.

Everyone talks and laughs along the way, and the mood is extremely exciting.



Everyone started activities after drinking, and the girls who love beauty were looking for scenic spots and posing for photos. Others put it on the mahjong table and had a handful of mahjong addiction. Others drove up the tractor. Drink tea and chat, very comfortable.




The most meaningful part of this event is planting trees, and planting our "Feida Tree" by hand.

After lunch for a while, Tiangong was a little unbeautiful, and it rained heavily, but this did not affect Feida's enthusiasm for planting trees on the farm. Picking up the umbrella, pulling up the sleeves, two or three colleagues went to the tree planting area to start the tree planting journey.

The mature camphor tree branches are lush, the canopy is broad, the survival period is long, and can grow into hundreds of thousands of towering ancient trees. Everyone carefully planted small saplings. It symbolizes the tree of Feida and heralds the road after Feida. As it becomes wider and wider, companies can survive forever.



The tree planting session came to an end, when the sky was near dusk.

The next link is more worthy of everyone's expectations, cooking competition! ! ! .

All colleagues are divided into several groups to compete, reflecting the team's cooperation ability and tacit understanding. Everyone has come up with their own strength, the division of labor is very clear from the beginning, who is responsible for washing who is responsible for cutting who is responsible for finally taking the shovel. Finally, it's time for the leaders to taste the score.


During the competition, some colleagues selflessly dedicate their own strength, watching our handsome Daniel guarding the sheep all the way, wanting it to become a delicious roasted whole sheep, and watching it drool.


In this casual environment, why haven't you got a BBQ? There are also village-style dumplings that you can do yourself and eat.

This is the end of the two-day trip, and finally a photo of our team.