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Feda Introduction

       Feda Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, with subsidiaries and strategic partners in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, as well as business locations in major cities in China. The main markets are mainland China,Hong Kong,Taiwang and Southeast Asia countries.

       Feda Group is mainly engaged in the distribution and trading of computers and related products. Its products include central processing units (CPUs) for personal computers and servers, data storage devices (hard drives, SSDs and RAMs), display screens and other digital media products. Wait. The Group can also provide customized supply and marketing support solutions according to the individual needs of customers.

       Feda Group founded King-Tiger (now Tigo®) in 2005 and is now one of the top ten storage brands in the world.

Feda History Memorabilia
Expand e-commerce business
Feda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established
Singapore branch established
Merger and Acquisition of Jiuchang Technology Co., Ltd.
Feda Global Technology Co., Ltd. was established
Feda Electronics is authorized by Kingston
Special Dealer of Kingston
Feda Lexiang (Shenzhen) Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established
Feda Lexiang won the authorized sales agent of Thecus (Thecus)
Feda Lexiang won the core distributor of Echoii Greater China
Feda Obtained the global distributor of Alec China
Feda Global obtained the sales authorization of Panram
Feda Global Obtained SanDisk (SanDisk) Product Authorized Distributor in China
Feda Global Obtained HGST (Hitachi) Authorized Agent
Group Structure
Feda International
Achates Technology Limited
Feda (Shenzhen) Technology Limited

Your Dream Our Future
Message from the President

       In 1999, by chance, I came to Shenzhen to start an electronic trading business. In a blink of an eye, Feda has been deeply cultivating electronic industry access services for 18 years.“Tian Xingjian, the gentleman keeps on strengthening himself;”, Feda will continue to focus on the industry to do better and stronger, look at the world and keep making progress.  


       Feda focuses on the two traditional businesses of agency and trade, and on this basis, it provides customers with supplier support services to help customers open up a wider and deeper supply and marketing channel. Feda is a part of the infrastructure pipeline in the vast market. It needs to provide supply and marketing support solutions for the distance from the source to the terminal and provide kinetic energy for market circulation. Based on this nature, I always believe“The small profit is not big, the small profit is not small”The business is expensive in long-term operation, and the market is not a zero-sum game. Only by achieving a win-win cooperation can health and sustainability be maintained.


       Over the years, Feda has worked hard to build itself into a business platform based on its focus on the industry, attracting and carrying people, money, and business. There are no restrictions on industries and borders in this regard, as long as it is legally compliant and in line with business logic, it is welcome to pursue a business that maximizes the profits of shareholders. Feda is a motherboard that provides interfaces for people, finance, and business, provides algorithms, provides power, and provides interaction. Whether it is a daily transaction, a project cooperation, or the addition of talents, Feda releases oxygen for photosynthesis of this ecology, and also obtains nutrients from this ecology.


       Thank you for your long-term support from our partners, and all employees of Feda for their unremitting efforts! In any economic cycle, Feda is bravely moving forward because of you!

The company's vision and mission
Feda is determined to become the distribution hub of electronic products all over the world, for the electronics industry
The growth rate of development creates value for customers, shareholders and employees.
abide by integrity
Gain trust from customers externally and establish a good corporate brand reputation;
Trust internally from employees and establish a harmonious and efficient management team;
Collaboration and win-win
Pay attention to customers, care for employees, and care about all partners;
Pursue good cooperation with all relevant parties and grow together in cooperation;
Business philosophy
The small profits are not small, the small profits are not large;
integrity management, people-oriented;
Your Dream Our Future

Talent is the capital of an enterprise, and talent is the most precious wealth;

Enterprises rely on employees to develop, and employees rely on companies to establish businesses; only satisfied employees can satisfy satisfied customers;

The company's talent competition mechanism is: those who are capable, those who are equal, those who are mediocre;

All success comes from the efforts of every employee. The chairman of the company respects the value of each employee, cares for the growth of each employee in the company, pays attention to customer service, strives for excellence, and strives for the perfection of any business.

Welfare benefits

1. Employee holidays: enjoy statutory leave and annual leave in accordance with national regulations

2. Employee insurance: After the employee enters the job, he will purchase insurance according to national regulations.

3. Housing provident fund: After the employee enters the job, he will purchase the housing provident fund according to state regulations.

4. Holiday benefits: cash or equivalent shopping coupons, gifts, etc.

5. Birthday party: Regularly organize employee birthday parties.

6. Awards: At the year-end party, awards are given to outstanding departments and employees with outstanding contributions.

Why choose Feda
Can provide customers with supplier
support services
Can quickly import products to the
first to fourth and sixth level
city sales network
Greater China and Pan-Asia have
established a comprehensive sales
channel network and strategic
cooperation customers
Sales network online mall
It has a marketing and customer
service team from home and abroad
with rich practical experience and
excellent ability.
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    Feda International Group

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  • Singapore

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    Feda Lexiang (Shenzhen) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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