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【Company Activities】[Company Activities] Change and Growth-Feda International Welcome Dinner 2016

[Feida News] Change and Growth-Feida International Orientation Dinner 2016

Sheep quitting the old age, Pei Yu, and the monkey picking up the gold in the New Year. Time flies, and unconsciously the beginning of the new year, Feida ushered in the annual welcome party.


At 3 pm on January 8, 2016, the beautiful Shenzhen Happy Coast Chunmanyuan Lanyingwan Hotel was surrounded by coconut groves, and the heart lake was green. I saw the welcome card quietly standing up in front of the Feida Annual Meeting, and the welcoming beautiful colleagues were slim and smiling. The Chinese-style check-in set is elegant and beautiful, and the festive guests' check-in roster is glorious.

The colleagues of Feida Group chose the same place to summarize the past 2015, greet the new 2016, and set the theme of the new year's annual meeting: change and growth.

Before the meeting: The Feida preparatory team on the site actively prepared the stage layout, adjusted the lighting and sound equipment, and arranged the banquet table card. The colleagues outside the venue enjoyed tea and talked. The team's morale was high and the style was outstanding. It was a happy new year.

At four o'clock, the hall was full and the conference was opened. Under the chairmanship of General Manager Li, according to the latest organizational structure of the group, various departments began to report. President Lin of Singapore first took the stage to do the operation of the Singapore branch last year. At the same time, Mr. Lin, who is also the general manager of the trade department, also shared the operation of the Ministry of Trade last year. President Lin’s responsibility cannot be underestimated!

After the BU head of each product line of the agent business department introduced the achievements of last year's efforts, to express gratitude, President Zhang of the business department led all the colleagues of the team to the stage and bowed deeply.

Then the largest operation team of the team made a detailed report, including personnel administration department, MIS department, commerce department, Hong Kong storage and transportation services, Shenzhen storage and transportation services, etc.

The newly established Supply Chain Division shared the establishment process of the department with you, and other departments also introduced detailed reports.

Finally, Huang Dong summarized his speech and explained the Group’s new year’s vision: accelerating the Group’s acquisition of businesses in the new year, and strengthening the training of employees and middle-level management are all top priorities.

The group photo is a record of the time when Feida people worked hard together.

At the beginning of the banquet, Huang Dong led the executives to the stage and toasted. The party officially kicked off: dynamic aerobics, Korean dance, free rock guitar performance, popular song passionate cover and other colorful programs make people enjoyable. Of course, there are various grand prize draws that must be held every year, annual attendance, sales champion rewards, and small games such as stepping on balloons to actively increase everyone's participation.

At the end of the banquet, Huang Dong picked up the microphone, picked up the brothers who fought together, and sang the old song "Love will fight to win": life is comparable to the waves in the sky sometimes rise and fall Doomed every day The seven points are made by hard work. It is this kind of hard work that has established the solid foundation of Feida Group step by step. Feida employees also felt this kind of hard work spirit, and strived to learn and grow in the Feida family.

The party ended successfully in everyone's chorus "Tomorrow Will Be Better". Feida colleagues firmly believe that Feida will change and grow every year. Sing enthusiasm, embrace dreams, sincere faces, and stretch out your hands. Let us offer the most devout prayer for Feida's tomorrow! ! !