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【Company Activities】[Company Activities] See you in Maluan Mountain in winter.

2015年11月14  Sunny


After being busy for nearly a year, in a city "connected with autumn and spring" such as Shenzhen, Feida Jun could not wait to get together to climb the Maluan Mountain on the weekend.

Maluan Mountain is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, where the largest waterfall in Shenzhen is. It is a rare beautiful mountain forest adjacent to the urban area that has not been destroyed by humans. Maluan Mountain is surrounded by large and small Meisha in the south, and the natural scenery is unique. You can view the sea at Maluan Mountain and enjoy the wonderland of the mirage in the city; view the mountain and enjoy the immense momentum of the mountains; view the lake, appreciate the tranquility and chatting of the lake; view the villages and fields, and enjoy the leisure and contentment of the paradise.


Early in the morning, most people in the urban area are still sleeping, but Feidajun has already rushed towards the sunrise towards the Maluan Mountain. The colleagues from Hong Kong who traveled farther away from the road, even during weekend breaks, they are I arrived at the meeting place early and did not neglect this event! Such punctuality has always been an example of learning within the group!


The activity route was designed by General Manager Li Li and Joe of the MIS Department. They also acted as the event leader. Group Chairman Huang Dong also joined actively. At the scheduled assembly time, the appointed Feida Juns have all arrived, and the fighting spirits are gathered together. At the foot of Maluan Mountain, regardless of the distance, the ultraviolet rays are strong, everyone is fully equipped: sun hat, handsome sunglasses, mountaineering bag, selfie artifact, mineral water... everything is ready! ready.


Occasionally, the waterfalls that flow down, the layers of jumping and falling, and the babbling brook. Among the trees in the blue Yiyi, the faint wildflowers are blooming in twos and threes Bunch of faint flowers, sucking its refreshing fragrance, really drunk.


How can colleagues from the Finance Department on the mountain-lined trail take a happy photo, how can they live up to the pure air in this mountain? !



Climbing, I want to crawl online step by step, flying forward at the highest point holding the blades, even if the sweat is raining, let the wind dry the tears and sweat, one day I will have my own day. Like Robert, a colleague who worked so hard to climb the finance department! ! !

At Feida, a person’s success is not called success. They have long understood that the power of the team is great. Do not believe it, give me a communication tool and give me a hand, as long as I still have the courage and determination to reach the top, I will never pull you off.



It was already noon when we climbed halfway up the mountain. Everyone started to be hungry and happened to meet a farmhouse. Everyone sat down and rested in twos and threes. Some played poker and killing games to relax. After a while, the fragrant meals came to the table. The taste is really not Covered.

Reminiscent of A-Gump's famous quote: "Life is like a box of chocolates, and the results are often unexpected."







Drink enough, continue to hurry.



The mountain road is winding and winding, the vision is getting wider and wider, and the cry and reiki of nature are appreciated. The friends unconsciously cheered and jumped up.


I finally climbed to the top of the mountain. Everyone didn't give up. Everyone was ecstatic. It turned out that only by trying it in person would you know how powerful your potential is.



After several hours of mountain climbing, my colleagues were exhausted, but all of them were full of emotions. They all praised this route and looked forward to the next hiking trip.


After the trip, everyone had a feeling of never-ending intentions. Simple dinners and relishes shared the atmosphere of the dinner, and everyone seemed to write two words on the face: full.




The hiking tour of Maluan Mountain ended in 2015. Under the leadership and support of Huang Dong, everyone pays more and more attention to their health after work. Everyone has free time to go to the sports ground to play golf or go hiking in the wild. Expanding, striving to achieve a balance between work and life, a small sense of happiness comes into being here.