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Facilitating Faster Results and Better Decisions


Accelerate breakthroughs and retain information indefinitely. Make data readily available for users, applications and analytics. The HGST Active Archive System eliminates the added expense associated with deep data archiving and scales to fit many environments in healthcare and life sciences.


Affordably Access, Retain and Store Valuable Data

Data intensive research such as genomics and molecular modeling are producing massive data sets that have to be easily stored, shared and accessed. To understand and interpret all this data requires big data solutions. HGST has solved the scalability and performance challenges of traditional cold archiving so that healthcare and research organizations can have instant access to their data. With the HGST Active Archive System, organizations no longer have to weigh the risks of a public cloud against the cost to build an internal private cloud. Through innovation and integration, the system delivers cloud-like scale and efficiency at very low $/TB and watts/TB.