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A New Class of Massively Scalable Storage for Private and Hybrid Clouds





Businesses are increasingly adopting cloud storage as their data storage needs grow. Cloud storage offers many advantages, including high durability, scalability, accessibility and cost efficiency that can far exceed traditional storage solutions. While most businesses are looking to take advantage of cloud storage benefits, they are not likely to put all of their data into a public cloud. The best approach includes on-premises cloud storage infrastructure with seamless integration to a public cloud tier. This combination gives enterprises ultimate flexibility by easily integrating with existing systems and a single global namespace that allows data to be stored wherever it makes most sense for them.


The HGST Active Archive System provides exabyte scalability with 15-nines durability, while a partner gateway — such as the Avere 5000 FXT Series filer — provides effortless storage tiering. Together, they optimize performance and capacity scaling and significantly reduce the total cost of ownership compared to traditional storage implementations.