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【Feda News】[Feda News] PinAn authorizes Feida to be the general agent of SEITEK memory in

Taiwan Pingan Technology Co., Ltd., a world-famous module foundry, officially entered the Chinese mainland market in September this year, and officially authorized Feida Global Technology Co., Ltd. as the general agent of Pinian SEITEK memory in China.

power of attorney

Yu Guozhong (Pin An Senior Business Manager, right) and Chen Yishuo (Feida Global Technology Deputy General Manager, left) take a photo with Feida


Taiwan Pinan Technology Co., Ltd.

PinAn's products and foundry items include memory modules, USB3.0 flash drives, CF cards, SD cards, solid state drives (SSDs), card readers, LED Bars, mechanical keyboards, power converters, WiFi Modules, SIP module foundry.

With the efforts of excellent R&D, manufacturing and quality control teams, PinAn Technology has obtained ISO9001 certification and DDR memory modules have been certified by Intel, and its product quality is internationally renowned. In terms of sales, Pin'an insists on direct sales from the place of origin to control the inventory inventory and the risk of falling prices, combined with the express delivery company's dense distribution system to deliver goods quickly within the first time. Due to good product quality, fast delivery and good after-sales service, it has won the trust of customers.

Pinan Technology's production capacity: With 14 SMT lines in 2012, coupled with automated development, the company's monthly output is up to 3 million.

Kingston Corporation, the largest US market shareholder in the world, is the largest shareholder of Pin An Technology.

Feda Global Technology Co., Ltd.

Feda Group Introduction  

         Feda International Group was founded in 1999 in Hong Kong. It has more than 20 large joint ventures, holding subsidiaries and overseas institutions. Its business scope covers supply chain services, financial investment, IT product own brand management, high-tech industry, information technology, and mining. Rare precious metals, light industrial real estate, etc., and made remarkable achievements in these fields, accumulated rich experience in investment, capital operation and enterprise management.  

 The purpose of Feida Global        

      Feida Group upholds the purpose of the company's sustainable management to establish Feida Global Technology Development Co., Ltd. in order to achieve the following goals:

      Establish a perfect and efficient professional marketing team to manage and sell various agent product lines. Use professional methods and attitudes to serve brand products, so that they can better adapt to and meet the various needs of consumers.
             We will expand channels for deep-cultivating various markets and carry out effective organization and management. Use various business models (chain, online malls, image stores, collective procurement, industry customer development, etc.) to promote agency products quickly into the market circulation channel.
While building and mastering a market pipeline network that allows suppliers and brands to care and actively participate, it also allows Feida Group's "pipeline brand" to gain the trust and dependence of suppliers, partners and consumers. 

 Company mission 

       Committed to introducing the world's best IT products to the Chinese market and assisting Chinese national brands to enter the international market

Company Vision 

       Determined to become a well-known channel enterprise for IT products in the Pan-Asian region and even the world

(Author Shi Jun and Photography)