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【Industry News】【Industry information】Thecus releases N5810 PRO


05/11/2015-Thecus will participate in the 2015 Taipei International Application Exhibition from June 2 to June 6. Thecus will showcase its breakthrough storage solutions, including the recently released N5810PRO, high-performance 5 hard disk network storage devices, including a built-in Mini-UPS, 5 gigabit network ports, and a New features of the series.

"Taipei International Computer Application Show provides a good venue for us to showcase the latest technology and products,"CEO Shi Wanjing said. "Users will be able to experience our wide range of network storage equipment solutions, including homes, small/medium companies and enterprises."

At the same time, Thecus will also launch a 7-bay tower network storage device and 8-bay rack network storage device. These network storage devices will consist of an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of memory (upgradable to a maximum of 32GB), and a 10GbE network, which is very compatible with SME storage solutions.

Thecus will also showcase the Windows product line at the venue. The built-in Windows network storage server has a wealth of features, including deduplication, AD server, and cloud-based products such as Azure and Office 365. Simple, you can experience it instantly when you come to the scene.

Welcome to Taipei International Computer Show's Thecus booth, Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F, J0830.